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Companies working in the construction industry have to deal with unique legal problems. Every construction project has to pass through multiple tiers of legal decisions, and delays due to legal issues can create big financial losses.

The law offices of Dunlap and Shipman have the construction attorneys you need to handle legal issues relating to all matters of the construction process including: bidding, bid disputes, contact drafting and negotiating, construction related licenses and license disputes, project financing, construction claims, construction liens, construction bonds and sureties, and construction litigation. Our firm represents those involved in the construction industry, including architects and engineers, project owners and managers, developers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

The Law Firm of Dunlap and Shipman give clients big firm experience with a small firm’s personal touch, helping you navigate the maze of legal issues that exist in the field of construction with the help of attorneys you can trust.


The terms of construction contracts are crucial: they eliminate potential misunderstandings, they protect and support all involved, and they govern the specific rights and obligations of the parties. While a well drafted and competently negotiated contract can promote a smooth construction process, the opposite is true for a construction contract that is not correctly drafted or negotiated. Our construction attorneys have litigated over construction contracts, and our clients benefit from our construction litigation experience when our firm drafts and negotiates construction contracts. Our construction attorneys are able to identify the problem areas to avoid and craft solutions using the contract. Our experience in construction law extends to both the public and private arenas, and we have drafted and negotiated contracts for commercial and residential projects. We provide guidance in negotiating industry form contracts and we prepare tailored project-specific contracts to meet our client’s needs.


Construction projects often have disputes that result in litigation. Construction litigation is a complex legal area, and we have experience representing construction clients in state and federal courts. We have resolved construction disputes through negotiation, and we have vigorously represented our clients through litigation. Our litigators handle a wide variety of construction litigation, including, but not limited to contract disputes, claims, bond claims, lien claims, engineering difficulties, defective plans, code violations, insurance problems, construction defects, premises liability, and personal injury. In addition, we zealously pursue collections for our clients who are owed money.


For a law firm that offers effective legal counsel in the representation of owners and companies in all matters of construction law in the state of Florida look no further than Dunlap and Shipman. Located in Tallahassee and Santa Rosa Beach, we serve all of Northern Florida. Call us today.

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